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Toner-Duty of Care: Know the Law

Unused toner

Unused toner "Discards" disposal -Duty of Care: The Law - Need to know

The law on toner disposal - Duty of Care says all organisations need to take reasonable steps to ensure waste is kept safe. If you give waste or "DISCARDS" to someone else, you must be sure they are authorised to take it and can transport, recycle or dispose of it safely. If you break the law, you can be fined an unlimited amount.......

And, it's not just waste as you would imagine: Under the Environment Protection Act 1990, SCHEDULES, SCHEDULE 2B, 14., it states, ............ "PRODUCTS FOR WHICH THE HOLDER HAS NO FURTHER USE (E.G. HOUSEHOLD, OFFICE, COMMERCIAL & SHOP DISCARDS)", which also covers unused toner within the scope of the Act.

We are licenced with the Environment Agency to recover & handle both waste used toner cartridges, as well as unused toner cartridges. Our current valid Environmental Waste Licence (Certificate of Registration) can be seen below....

Toner cartridges are classified as controlled waste : Under (Waste) Duty of Care regulations they must be collected by a licenced waste carrier.

What is controlled waste? It is commercial, industrial or household waste from office, university, school, house, hospital, residential or nursing home, shop, factory or any trade or business: From solid or liquid, scrap metal or scrap car. It does not have to be hazardous or toxic to be controlled waste; Any waste operator collecting controlled waste must have a current Environment Agency Licence.

We provide Duty of Care for surplusunused toner cartridges, in various ways, depending on whether stock is sold or donated, and alos on the quantity. This may be in contained within an invoice, or in the form of a more comprehensive document which will contain all necessary data for you to be assured that disposal of unused ("Discarded") toner cartridges via us will assist you in your Environmental Record keeping.
Our Environment Agency Waste Carriers Licence

Our Environment Agency Waste Carriers Licence

As an individual, a charity, a business or other entity, it is important to comply with Environmental Law & Environmental Best Practice.

To do this you need to know that the company you entrust to take your unused toner cartridges for recycling or otherwise (reuse or resale), has been licenced with the proper authority.

Please see our Waste Registation (Carriers) Licence issued by the UK Environment Agency.

If you wish to check its validity, and that it is current and not withdrawn, you can call the telephone no. shown.