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Sell or Donate your unused ink and toner cartridges for charity - The Air Ambulance Charity

Sell or Donate your unused ink and toner cartridges for charity - The Air Ambulance Charity

Help us support the Air Ambulance charity in their invaluable lifesaving work, by donating your unused, unwanted surplus company printer inkjets and toner cartridges (we also buy-back unused toners). Support this emergency service charity in their invaluable work, by simply donating all old surplus unused toner cartridges.
Click this link to find a lsit of manufacturers printer cartridge products to find your toners to either donate or sell....
The dedicated highly skilled medical crews of the Air Ambulance charity, with their specially equipped helicopters help save the lives of hundreds of people in sometimes the most difficult & remote emergency situations, when no other form of vehicle could possibly get to the scene.

If you have old unwanted, surplus toner cartridges, please donate now in helping this charity cause. Toners collected free including necessary Duty of Care, as requiired under Environment Protection legislation. NB: Even unused, sealed toner cartridges are covered under Environmental Law. Our Duty of Care helps you comply with Environmental Legislation as well as ISO14001 and for your own Environmental Record Keeping

The Air Ambulance Charity-Unused Toners help support this cause

The Air Ambulance charities need to raise many millions of pounds every year. Each flight mission costs some £2,500 & the East Anglian Air Ambulance charity flew 1,232 missions in 2012. Funding comes comes predominantly from charitable donations.

The above is an example confirmatory letter from the East Anglia Air Ambulance, of proceeds generated form donsted surplus toner cartridges. If you have old unused toner cartrigdes written off from prior tax years & of no longer any use, following printer upgade, put them to a good cause through our service today

Simply use our Easy Form in the left hand side tab and tell us what unused toner cartridges you have for clearance and donation to either the East Anglia Air Ambulance, or charity of your choice. A spreadsheet, such as Excel and images can be included with the form, for your convenience..