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Sell or Donate your unused inkjets and toner cartridges for charity

Help us support the Air Ambulance charity in their invaluable lifesaving work, by simply donating your unused, unwanted surplus printer cartridges or we will buy-back your unused toners.

Know that if you sell your unused toner and inkjets, or donate your surplus unwanted cartridges, you will be helping raise much needed funds for the Air Ambulance-this most critical of emergency services. We take toners you wish to donate on a free collection basis and pledge on your behalf.

The Air Ambulance Charity

The dedicated highly skilled medical crews of the Air Ambulance, with their specially equiped helicopters help to save the lives of hundreds of people in sometimes, the most difficult & remote emergency situations, when no other form of vehicle could possibly get to the scene.

The Air Ambulance charities receive no Government funding & the many millions of pounds they need to raise each year (each flight mission costs some £2,300 & the East Anglian Air Ambulance charity flew 1,232 missions in 2012), comes directly from charitable donations.

Find out more about the Air Ambulance Service Charity:

To see our associationship (through INKVIRO-Reg. Co.) & to find out more about the work of this charity, click on their logo above.

If you wish to support this charity further, you can also make an additional separate donation, or take part in their East Anglian Air Ambulance Lottery: Click the logo above to find out more.