Sell Unused Toner Cartridges B2B: Remarketing surplus cartridges reduces waste (we are Environment Agency Registered for Environment Law & ISO14001 compliance) & ensures your unwanted toner stock gets used as intended: Simply complete right sidetab form or call 0330 100 1140. We take back toners from Central London and UK Wide. In time, all printer consumables become worthless. DON'T DELAY, ACT TODAY!.

Wide-Format Ink Cartridges

Wide-Format Printer Cartridges

We consider buying Genuine original wide-format & large-format printer cartridges. See what we pay for surplus unused specialist wide-format & large-format printer ink & toner cartridges, by getting a quote now.

We also take cartridges in imperfect packaging, e.g. boxes damaged with rips/tears, puncture marks, impact dents, or defaced with writing/pen marks etc. We provide a prompt collection service and will even pay on collection if collected by our own vehicle within @200 miles (subject to volume), or by bank transfer-as good as Cash!

Simply click on the RIGHT-HAND SIDE TAB and list your surplus unused wide-format or large-format ink cartridge models you wish to dispose of for payment. You can also donate in support of the Air Ambulance. Either way we support this wholly independent life saving charity. The form also allows attachment of a list such as excel, for your convenience........

If your business has changed printers with unused toners left over, sell your surplus toners now, before they completely devalue-As a consumable item they will, in the end, become worthless!